Keep Sewage Flowing the Right Way

Ask about a sewage ejector pump for your Linden, MI property

If you have a bathroom or laundry room in your basement, you'll need a sewage ejector pump to push water to your main sewer line at ground level. B Varcoe Plumbing provides sewage ejector pump installation for homes and businesses in Linden, MI and the surrounding area. Our licensed plumbers will install a sewage ejector pump that works well for your property and flushes waste water away from your building.

Don't let backups happen. Reach out to us in Linden, MI to schedule your sewage ejector pump installation today.

The importance of a sewer ejector

A sewage ejector pump is an essential part of most multi-story homes or office buildings. B Varcoe Plumbing can provide you with a sewage pump that:

  • Prevents waste from backing up into your basement.
  • Vents harmful sewer gasses away from your property
  • Works with your sewage system to maintain water flow

A well-maintained sewage ejector pump can serve your home or office building for up to twenty years without issue.

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